Closing Remarks at the VIP Banquet for SEMICON Taiwan

Don’t Wait. Act Now. Time is Our Greatest Asset.

Exhibition hall at SEMICON Taiwan, the world’s largest trade show for the industry

It’s been my honor and pleasure to be here with you the past three years. Thank you for giving me new ways of thinking and looking at high-tech facilities, and the world. If there’s anything I can help you do, or do for you, please let me know. Relationships are a two-way street.

While we’re on the subject of relationships, some of you know my research topics have to do with using A.I. to unlock the power of collaboration. The kind of collaboration we have between the people in this room. You see, the basis of any relationship is having something in common. One thing, all of us, have in common, right now, is we are witnessing the dawn of A.I. While this may be the end of a great era, we are on the verge of an even greater one.

And so I’d like to leave you with a few simple words, and I think it relates to our work, and our personal lives.

Whatever future lays ahead for us, if you believe that something good is about to happen.

I urge you. Don’t wait. Act now.

Time, not data, is our greatest asset.

“I see the future.” Opening ceremony at SEMICON Taiwan.
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